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Posted under: News Music

Who Copied Who? 'LWYMMD' Music Video Director Joseph Kahn Says Beyoncé Copied Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

Kahn about to have bad blood with the beyhive.

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The copycat wars continue!

Recently, the director of Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" video, Joseph Kahn, responded to accusations that the video stole Beyoncé's "Formation" steez with complete denial. 

And he poked a bit at the Beyhive, as well. 

Now, Kahn is adding spark to the fire. In his recent interview with the LA Times, Kahn discussed his latest Beyhive beef. Of the Beyhive swarm, he said, "I'm basically battle rapping on Twitter!"  

“It’s not ‘Formation’ at all. They try to say she’s wearing a black crop top and Beyoncé wore a black crop top," Kahn said. "But they don’t realize in 2015 in ‘Bad Blood,’ Taylor Swift was wearing a black crop top. I really do think, by the way, that Beyoncé copied ‘Bad Blood.’”

Bad blood, indeed! And the Beyhive is certainly not pleased:

Beyhive live footage, basically:

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