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Posted under: Technology News

Uber Unveils Plans To Partner With NASA For A Flying Taxi Service In 2020

The partners are working on an affordable alternative to LA's congested traffic situation.

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On Wednesday, Uber announced plans to take its rideshare services to the sky. In partnership with NASA, the tech platform will unveil a new flying taxi service in Los Angeles in 2020. Jeff Holden, Uber's Chief Product Officer told Bloomberg that testing for UberAir will start with short flights of around 25 miles in areas within close proximity to LAX. From a price perspective, these affordable air rides will be on par with the fares of its on-the-ground ride-hailing options.

Wait, so Uber is offering an affordable alternative to LA's congested traffic situation? Twitter has mixed feelings.

A new tardy excuse? I'm down.

The verdict is still out on this one.

Check out the concept for yourself.

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