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Colin Kaepernick Explains Why He Traveled 'Home' To Ghana For Independence Day

Kaepernick, "To find my independence, I went home."
Blavity Team
 • 7 months ago

A Look Inside Tress App, An Interactive Platform For The Black Hair Care Industry

Three women from Ghana and Nigeria have found a way to include hair in the tech world.
Tiffany Stewart
 • 10 months ago

Dr. Boykin Sanders And His Extraordinary Ventures To Africa

Check This Out
 • a year ago

Back to the motherland: How career has lead these British-born Africans back home

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Renée Davis
 • a year ago

Travel Africa: 23 Stunning images that show the beauty and diversity of Africa

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Rondel Holder
 • a year ago

What it was like to tour a slave castle with my black queen

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Victor Kwansa
 • a year ago

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