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Posted under: Trending Music

SZA Releases Stunning Solange-Directed Visual For 'The Weekend' While Kendrick Lamar Drops Amazingly Dope 'LOVE.' Video

They must be trying to break the Internet.

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SZA's platinum and controversial hit "The Weekend" finally has a visual. The song, though never released as a single, went certified platinum in November. It was a chart-topping hit from SZA's CTRL album.

“My man is my man is your man / Heard it’s her man too / My man is my man is your man / Heard that’s her man / Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday/ I just keep him satisfied through the weekend,” SZA sings. These lyrics are what lead people to believe she was singing about being a side-chick although it was later revealed to be a love triangle of sorts. 

Ahead of the video’s release, SZA announced it would be directed by visionary, Solange Knowles. So far, the people are loving the work as "The Weekend" video is the No. 2 trending video on all of YouTube right now. After all,  Solange and SZA? Who would want to miss that?

Kendrick Lamar also recently dropped visuals for his latest single "LOVE." from his DAMN. album. The clip follows Kendrick throughout the ups and downs of a romantic relationship. 

Both SZA and Kendrick have killed it with Grammy nominations this year. SZA has five while Kendrick has seven, including a nomination for Album of the Year. Shout out to TDE for never lacking. It's about time the rest of the world caught up.

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