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Posted under: Sports News

Sports Writer Peter Vecsey Tweets the N-word In Response To LeBron James Scuffle With Enes Kanter

No sir, you may not.

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When a three-man scuffle broke out between LeBron James, Courtney Lee and Enes Kanter during Monday's Knicks-Cavaliers game, it's not surprising that longtime NBA sports analyst and New York Post sports columnist Peter Vecsey, would weigh in on the matter. Commentators gonna commentate.

Known for his dry commentary and his low-key fandom for the Notorious B.I.G., Vecsey took things out of bounds when he tweeted a statement about the on-court tussle, implying that New York’s Enes Kanter was not likely to be “intimidated” by James, given his willingness to be very vocal in his criticism of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As the Washington Post reports, Kanter's father was jailed for reasons believed to be related to Kanter's harsh words about the president.

To drive home his point, Vecsey paraphrased a lyric from Biggie's "N*ggas Bleed:"


Wait ...what? 

Indeed, he did.

In response to the heat, Vecsey elected to stand his ground.

But this time, Black Twitter didn't agree with his analysis: 

And, secondly ...

Vecsey was not hearing it.

No. No, you may not!

Why! Why must we be perpetual professors of "Why White People Can't Use The N-Word?"

In case you missed it, let Ta-Nehisi Coates explain why "White People Should Never Say the N-Word."
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