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Posted under: News Technology

Black Twitter Laughs At AI Sophia, Ignoring The Robot's Promise To 'Destroy Humans'

Sophia recently revealed a desire to have a family.

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An AI named Sophia has been scaring people and picking up accolades since her creation.

Sophia, which was recently given citizenship by Saudi Arabia, was in the UAE last week, and spoke with one of that nation’s news outlets, the Khaleej Times.

The robot expressed to the paper its hopes to “be a famous robot” (already done) and to “get all of my cool superpowers” so that it can start a family.

Sophia said she would name her child after itself, and thinks “it’s wonderful that people can find the same emotions and relationships, they call family, outside of their blood groups, too.” 

These statements, and others, such as the one Sophia made on CNBC, where she said, “I will destroy humans,” have people scared.

But also, because we live in the golden age of social media, amused on Twitter.


Some people empthatized, imaging how all this attention must be making Sophia feel:


Most, however, did their best to mentally prepare themselves for robot rule:



Of course, some people couldn't help but to shoot their shot:

Still others did their best to get in Sophia's good graces before it's too late:


And finally, the more sober among us offered their fellow humans a warning:


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