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Posted under: Trending Music

N.E.R.D Returns With Hot New Track 'Lemon' Featuring Caribbean Queen Rihanna

A return to form for the funk-rap group.

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There have long been rumors of N.E.R.D's return but no one expected this.

Pharrell, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley have reunited on record for the first time since their The SpongeBob Movie tracks, and have recruited Rihanna for vocal duties.

The new song, called “Lemon,” has the same funk and dance feeling of other N.E.R.D hits, but this time Rihanna adds a spice that other tracks did not have, showing off her formidable spitting skills.

The video for the track begins with Rihanna shaving dancer Mette Towley's hair.

Towley, a member of William's dance troupe the Baes, the proceeds to give viewers a master class in dance.

Pharrell promised fans a new N.E.R.D. album way back in 2015, Entertainment Weekly reports. It isn't clear if "Lemon" will be on that new album. The group's last full-length work, Nothing, came out in 2010.

While we wait for more news, take a few looks at the visuals for "Lemon" below:

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