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Posted under: Culture Music

Sen. Kamala Harris Reveals She Only Has One Regret About Her Spotify Playlist

FYI, Harris is committed to fighting injustice and has a soft spot for Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin ... and Funk.

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Sen. Kamala Harris has become a rising star in the Democratic Party in the age of Trump. When she isn't holding politicians accountable in Washington D.C., she is fighting for justice in the Senate.

In a recent MSNBC interview with Ari Melber, the California Democrat discusses the importance of reforming the prison system so that the justice system doesn't criminalize poor people for being poor.

She is dead set on creating new legislation with fellow Senator Rand Paul that focuses on pre-trial integrity. Poor people wait in jail because they can't afford the exorbitant price of bail because most don't have extra cash put aside. Many can barely afford bare necessities and bail money is out of the question. 

Harris hopes with the legislation that the people in jail should be judged on the risk they pose to the community, not their bank accounts.  

Near the end of the short interview, Harris revealed that she regrets not adding the great Bootsy Collins to her Spotify playlist for African-American Music Month. If people didn't know, Harris is a big fan of funk as well as Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin.

The last bit of advice she ends the interview with is to take time to listen and dance to great music. 

Here is the full interview below.

Leave it up to black Twitter to make sure nothing goes unnoticed. A fan tweeted Bootsy Collins giving him a heads up that Kamala was indeed a fan. Of course, Bootsy responded in true Bootsy fashion and we love it.

Looks like Kamala may have to find some time to make another playlist including a Bootsy Collins bop or two.

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