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Posted under: Technology News

Former Twitter Employee Gives Trump Opponents 11 Minutes Of Peace By Deactivating The President's Account

If you ever wondered what Twitter without Trump would be like...

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President Donald Trump's relationship with Twitter is certainly unique for a modern politician. While former President Obama used the social media platform to gain more popularity with millennials, Trump uses it to whip his supporters into a frenzy and to attack those he feels are his enemies.

Many opponents wondered why the president hasn't been suspended from the service. They claim that several of his tweets seem to violate the platform's terms of service, which prohibit tweets that contain violent threats, such as his tweets threatening North Korea

Those wishing that President Trump's Twitter account be taken away had their wishes granted late this week, when folks found the "Sorry, that page doesn't exist!" error waiting for them when they tried to visit Trump's Twitter page.

According to the Washington Post, the account disappeared at around 6:45 pm EST on November 2. 

That evening, Twitter posted a statement, explaining that the incident was due to "human error":

Later, however, the company admitted that the page hadn't been taken down by mistake, but was purposely taken offline.

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

Trump took advantage of this news, taking a moment to bask in his "social impact."

In plot twist, the New York Times reports that the employee wasn't a even full-time employee at Twitter, but a contractor. 

Privacy experts and others weren't as amused by the incident as the president was, and wondered why an employee, especially one that was only a contractor, had the power to remove a user from Twitter.

Twitter told Buzzfeed that "a lot" of its employees have the power to suspend an account, but that only a few hundred have the power to deactivate one. Verified accounts and the accounts of public figures have no special protections, the company also has said.

These revelation led some to fear that a foreign actor or an agent of chaos might be able to access the president's account and tweet something with a devastating impact.

Twitter has said that it is conducting a full internal review. Twitter spokesperson Emily Horne also noted, “We won't have anything to share beyond the Tweets we put out last night.”

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