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Posted under: celebrity News

During A Dinner With Reporters, Bill Cosby Made An Awkward Request To Be Left Off #MeToo Movement

It may be a little late for that.

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Bill Cosby sat down on Wednesday with associates, reporters and publicists for the first time in a long time. Cosby is facing a retrial for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand, and has seemed to shy away from the limelight. However, in what some may be calling a publicity stunt, Cosby traveled back to his old Philadelphia stomping grounds and enjoyed an Italian dinner this week at a restaurant called La Veranda. 

According to the Philly Inquirer, Cosby was quite the character that night, doing his best to make everyone regain liking from his dinner guests. However, with allegations such as the ones Cosby faces, it's no surprise that the night couldn't end without at least one allusion to sexual assault. 

Cosby shook one reporter's hand and made a request, according to the Inquirer. 

"Please," he said. "Don't put me on #MeToo."

Mmm, it's a little late for that don't you think, Mr. Cosby?

In many ways, Cosby has long been a part of the problem the #MeToo movement highlights. As over 50 women have come forward with accusations against Cosby, it's clear that women have been saying "me too" for quite a while now. Furthermore, Andrea Constand has not shied away from tweeting about the #MeToo movement either. 

Want to see the seemingly strange Philly visit for yourself? Check it out below. 

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