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As A Haitian-American, I Stand Proud Of My Heritage

Haiti is no 's**thole."
 • 8 days ago

Why I Don't Want Oprah To Be President In 2020

Oprah for President? I think not.
LaVita Tuff
 • 11 days ago

Here's Why You Need To Remember That Black Lesbians Are Victims Too

 • 13 days ago

Why I'm Not Here For H&M’s Apology

I don’t believe you. #BlackAdLivesMatter
Latecia Johnson
 • 14 days ago

Can Rich Chigga’s Name Change Excuse His Past?

The Chinese-Indonesian rapper wants you to call him Brian. We want him to stop commodifying black culture.
Jenna Caldwell
 • 15 days ago

Has Social Media Ruined Humanity?

How one social media mistake gave my husband and I a lesson about life.
Jasmine Creighton
 • 25 days ago

As A Black Business Owner, Support From My Community Seems Hard To Come By

We need black on black support.
 • 25 days ago

We’re Not Friends, Just Peers (And Other Lessons From 2017 That Changed My Life)

2017 took a lot to get through. Here's what it took from me, and what I learned when I surrendered to the right things.
Jonathan Jackson
 • a month ago

This Isn't About A Pipeline Problem: Myths About Diversity In Tech That Need To Be Buried

Diversity is more than just color
Joan Yabani
 • a month ago

Here's Why Sparing The Rod Won't Spoil The Child

Black corporal punishment can be toxic.
Xavier D. Clark
 • a month ago

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