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rayevans Ray Evans

Ray Evanis a South Carolina native by way of Miami, FL. She's a TV and social media junkie and can often be found with her nose in a book.

rayevans's posts

Actor Damon Wayans Jr. Develops App That Brings Entertainment To Your Backyard

The hunt for decent entertainment for your events may become a little less of a headache. At least that’s what actor and comedian Damon Wayans Jr. and his partner Kris Jones are hoping for with their newly-developed app Special Guest.The on-demand app allows anyone, anywhere to discover and hire live entertainment on demand. Wayans and Jones introduced the app on Planet of the...

Blue Ivy Shows Off Her Dance Moves With An Effortless Milly Rock

We're never surprised by some of the talent that Blue Ivy Carter exudes because...well her parents are Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Dancing to The Execs' "Just Do It (Slow Motion)," Blue Ivy recently blessed Instagram with some terribly adorable choreography that included the Nae Nae and a pretty impressive Milly Rock. The short video was originally posted by Instagram...

California Mom And Two Daughters Build Empire With 13 McDonald's Franchises

For Patricia Williams, owning McDonald's franchises runs in the family. More than 30 years ago, Williams was inspired by a family member who owned McDonald's franchises to take a chance and go through the certification process of becoming a McDonald's owner.She and her husband cashed out their retirement plans and took out a small business loan to support their next career...