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lyneperie Lyne P. Erie


My name is Lyne, friends call me Mer. I'm an antisocial optimist, social worker socialite on the rise whose hometown is North Miami Beach, Fl and continues to be refined in Boston, MA. Words mean things; therefore, I love words. I enjoy methodically mixing and matching messages to create a prose that reaches so deep into your medulla oblongata it accelerates your heart rate. Every now and then I dip toes onto the dancefloor. Other times, my iphone captures my friends in the right angle and lighting. Welcome, there's a rolling admission into the rabbit hole.

lyneperie's posts

Why I Believe The 'American Dream' Is Now An 'American Nightmare'

Oh, beautiful for racist skies, for amber waves of pain. For purple mountain travesties, above the muted chains! America! America! God dimmed his grace on thee. And crowned thy brute with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.Long before I was even thought of, my immigrant parents wholeheartedly invested into the "American Dream." They were sold on the deception that America is...