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kdwilliams Kathryn


I'm a 20-something journalist with a love of all things black. Do I mean the color, or the people? Yes.

kdwilliams's posts

Why I Battle With Expressing My Opinion On Social Media

When I wake up in the morning, I follow a pretty regimented routine. I pull my eye mask off my face, and allow in the abrasive sunlight that reminds me the four of five hours of sleep I did get are over. I press snooze, and allow myself to adjust to the morning for Apple’s annoyingly odd nine-minute respite.I then check my messages, responding back to the people I like a lot,...

What Hurricane Irma Can Teach Floridians, And All Of Us, About Our Biggest Flaws

My thoughts and prayers are with the islands in the Caribbean already affected by Irma, and areas in South Florida. I’m writing this from a pitch-black room in Clearwater, Florida.No, no. The hurricane hasn’t even reached Florida yet. The sun is shining on a cloudless blue sky. My dad has just decided to board up every window in the house for when if it gets here.If you...

Why I Filled Out Nearly 200 Job Applications

I was one of those lucky kids growing up. I’ve always known what I wanted to be.The WLGD News at my elementary school was a turning point for me. I had already dabbled in writing short stories and poems, but I had some fantastic educators who showed me that I could translate my words into stories to inform a wide-range of people.It was then, the fourth grade, that I set my sights...