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itsjoitomyworld's posts

You're Doing Too Much: 5 Signs That It's Time To Log Off Social Media

Social media is a creative space where virtual networks are built, and ideas, products and services are shared. Social media, once considered just a trend, has become a part of our everyday lives. A majority of our friends are active on it, and every successful business utilizes it. However, there are cons and unspoken rules to its usage. When the reasonings for the cons start to...

3 Assumptions About Single Women Who Exercise Their Right To Curve

Curving can be defined as one word responses to paragraph inquiries and ignoring messages, but mostly it's when someone shows interest in you, and you have no interest in them. There has been quite an influx of memes, statuses and posts that attempt to pressure single women to stop curving men so that they can all of a sudden be in a relationship and be magically...

10 Black Television Beefs That We Loved

Remember when television was all jokes?These television beefs weren't violent nor did they instill us with fear of harming one another, but they instilled us with generations of laughter.  The hilarious roasting sessions ultimately led to the success of these shows. These frenemies gave us lines to take back to school to look cool in front of our friends and ultimately...