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ebflake Ebony F.


Staff Writer

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7 Hilariously Inspirational Messages From Instagram’s 'Wipe Me Down' Preacher

Pay close enough attention and a good inspirational word can be derived from just about any situation — just ask my good sis, Dr. Lori Croom Jasper. In addition to serving the patients of her Birmingham, Alabama based eye care clinic, the ophthalmologist also provides spiritual insights to her loyal congregation of Instagram followers.The Spellman alumnae first rose to Insta-fame...

VH1 Partners With Queen Latifah To Save The Music In Newark Public Schools

Newark, New Jersey has blessed us with some of the most iconic artists of our time. Whitney Houston, Sarah Vaughan and the Fugees are just a few of the groundbreaking musicians who hail from the city that hip-hop coined, "The New Jerusalem." In an effort to give back to ta place that has contributed so much to the cultural zeitgeist, one of Newark’s most prominent...