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aokosun Afu Okosun


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3 Stacks The Therapist? What Andre 3000 Taught Me About Self-Awareness

“The problem with being successful is you can do whatever you do times ten. And no one to stop you. You can easily go down the wrong path and you get into that place. And the thing that brings you out is other people.”— Andre 3000Producer? Shoe designer? Actor? Andre 3000 may not know what his next calling in life is going to be, but life coach may need to be on...

Why Atlanta's Southside Is In Need Of A Black Renaissance

“Riverdale, he was there, she was there, you wasn't there..."                                                               - 2Chainz, "RIverdale Road", Pretty Girls Love Trap Music“I’m moving...

Why Tyrese Needs Our Support, Not Our Judgement

Let me just start off by saying that this is not a condoning of "sucka sh*t". Because the person in question is guilty of several acts of this over the years. *takes a look in the mirror*But let's be honest, we have all been guilty. Tyrese's breakdown is a prime example of why we need to love the hell out of each other as black men. Because regardless of how you...