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Shanay Lemon Shanay Lemon

Houston native. Naturally Journalistic!

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Why Master P Discussing NFL Protests And Colin Kaepernick With Tomi Lahren Confuses Me

Against my sanity, I made it a duty to no longer discuss the happenings with conservative Barbie, better known to as Tomi Lahren (who, once again, I won't be referring to by her government name). Why am I dedicating the manual dexterity to discuss a person I otherwise wouldn't because I'm against entertaining trolls and provocateurs who'll say anything for a...

Death To “Rebounding”, From A Former Tasha

*The following piece contains spoilers from Insecure, season 2 episode three "Hella Open" *Photo:  empireboobookitty.com At one point in time I was Tasha from HBO's hit show Insecure, minus the annoying West-Coast accent, banking aspirations and familial ties to twerking flutists. In fact, I was actually a Mass Communications major at Sam Houston State University...

Why Are We Defending Rob Kardashian?

While the recent childish antics between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have simmered down, the subject of consent especially in relationships remains a difficult concept to so many.  In order to gain a better understanding of recognizing the agency of others, we're going to play pretend where I'm the owner of a bakery called LemonCakes.  Run with me on...