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Paulana Lamonier

Paulana Lamonier is a multimedia journalist who loves to tell compelling stories. She loves Jesus, chocolate and still cries when she watches the ending of 'Set it Off.' Check out her latest updates on her new site,

Paulana Lamonier's posts

Can I Have Your Number? Asking For Your Partner's Credit Score While You’re Dating

Imagine you’re thinking about making this ‘potential’ who you’ve been dating for the past few months 'bae.' I mean personality and sense of humor are out of this world, good head on their shoulders, they respect their momma and most importantly they treat you right.What’s next? Well, if you’re absolutely serious about this person being bae,...

Saving vs. Paying Off Debt: Which Should You Do First?

Let’s be completely honest. When entering adulthood, it’s always a game of this or that — especially when it comes to money.Should you buy that car or not? Make payments towards your credit card (You should!) or save for vacation? Splurge on dinner or suffer and eat that peanut butter sandwich? Should you start padding your savings or start paying down your...

5 Ways You Can Start Saving For Your Rainy Day Fund (Right Now)

Let’s be honest, adulting comes with the unexpected, especially when it comes to expenses. Unexpected break ups, job layoffs, car and home repairs. But that’s what majority of becoming an adult is all about — preparing for life’s unexpected expenses being thrown at you. This is where having an emergency or rainy day fund comes into play.You might ask,...