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MJ Moore Malinda Janay

Malinda is a staff writer for Blavity, freelance content creator, and executive assistant residing in Cleveland, OH. As a proud graduate of Mississippi Valley State University, she loves all things HBCU. In her free time she enjoys being a bomb plant mom, self-care, bottomless mimosas and painting. Contact by email: malindajny@gmail.com

MJ Moore's posts

Fans Mock Predominantly Black Kansas Basketball Teams With Monkey Noises And Racist Calls

Men and women's basketball teams from Labette Community College were mocked with racist calls during a game against North Arkansas College. The Parsons Sun reports that during last week's games in Harrison, Arkansas, fans of North Arkansas hurled monkey noises and crow caws at the players. Footage of one member of the North Arkansas crowd shows them...

Bill And Melinda Gates Agree To Pay Off Nigeria's $76 Million Polio Debts To Japan

Bill and Melinda Gates have decided to eradicate Nigeria's $76 million dues to Japan. The debt stemmed from the need for Polio vaccinations. According to Quartz Africa, Bill and Melinda Gates's foundation is handling the debt. Nigeria is Africa's largest economy, however, the fight to become a polio-free country hasn't been an easy one. Nigeria took the loan from...