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G.Paris Johnson G. Paris Johnson


G. Paris Johnson is a freelance writer and graduate of Texas Southern University.

G.Paris Johnson's posts

Having "The Talk" With Your African American Son in 2017

My husband and I found ourselves having “the talk” with our son, Sunday night—which is ironic in light of the advice Michael Vick gave to Colin Kaepernick, urging him to “cut his hair” in an effort to help him “find a job” on Tuesday. The talk—not the sex talk, but the other talk you have to have when you have a son who is...

“I’m So Hood!” — A Mindset Of Black America And A Preservation Of A Culture

Think about it: Why is it that all things “hood” give you vivid imagery of rappers, drug-ridden communities, tennis shoes wrapped around power lines, flea markets and the staple of each ‘hood—the “weed man”? More importantly, why does that word bring to mind a black community? To be blunt, we can probably all agree that the word...