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DBS DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.

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Black And Broke In America: A Blueprint For Rebuilding Your Finances

There are lots of TV shows today about house flipping and other renovations. I used to enjoy watching This Old House on public television and seeing the transformation of a run-down dilapidated home into a beautiful showplace. The construction crew and carpenters made it look so easy and methodical, replacing worn-out beams with new wood or updating features with the convenience of...

Black And Broke In America: Lessons From Our Grandmothers

When we can prove that we are capable of taking control of our finances, because we’ve taken control of our lives, not only can we live a more care-free and less stressful life but we also can be in a position to really be a blessing to our families and future generations.To get my mind in the right place and get control of my finances, I looked to my grandmothers as inspiration....

Why Teaching A Child How To Counter Instant Gratification Is Important

When I was a young child, I used to wonder how an ocean liner would fit down my northern New Jersey street because I so often heard my father speak of the day his “ship would come in.” Of course, later I learned this was a figure of speech. But as I grew up, I also observed how my mother was the queen of the store layaway. Today, when I mention this concept to young people...