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DBS DeForest B. Soaries, Jr.

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The Power In Financial Freedom And How You Too Can Grow Your Wealth

The last two houses I bought, I bought cash. I bought one house when my boys were young and for when we wanted to get away for a few days. We had a house up in the mountains where we went to go snow tubing and sledding. It was just away from the crowd, away from my church, and I bought that house cash. Now, it was a small house. But I’d rather have a small house that I own than a...

Black And Broke In America: How To Become A Victor Of Your Finances

When I was in my twenties, I was approached by an agent from a reputable insurance company. He offered me an opportunity to invest in a fund that provided both insurance and investment opportunities, and I took it. I wrote one check, opened the account and then never paid another dime. If I had continued with that plan–instead of buying expensive clothes, instead of buying luxury...

Black And Broke In America: A Blueprint For Rebuilding Your Finances

There are lots of TV shows today about house flipping and other renovations. I used to enjoy watching This Old House on public television and seeing the transformation of a run-down dilapidated home into a beautiful showplace. The construction crew and carpenters made it look so easy and methodical, replacing worn-out beams with new wood or updating features with the convenience of...