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Brianna E. Tyson Brianna E. Tyson

I believe in uplifting my community and chasing my dream. I also write good poetry. Follow me on Twitter @PushaBri and email me at betysonbet@gmail.com

Brianna E. Tyson's posts

7 Fitness Tips Inspired By Your Favorite Rappers

The first week of January is over and done, and many of us, including myself, are having trouble staying on track. Luckily, our favorite rappers have provided songs and attitudes to keep us in shape. Here are seven tips I'm personally using to reach my fitness goals. Hopefully they'll help you, too!1. Treat Potlucks and Free Food Like a West Coast vs. East Coast BeefWorking with...

5 Albums That Need To Be Added To Your Cool Girl Playlist

These albums were good. And they're good enough to go into next year, and many years afterwards. For those of us still listening to and loving CTRL and A Seat at the Table, these albums will fit right into your rotation.1. H.E.R., Vol. 2 – H.E.R.Shrouded in shadows and soft melodies, the artist H.E.R. has established herself as someone to watch in 2018 all while hiding her...

Why Struggle Plates Are Unacceptable

Social media often debates on a woman's ability to cook. This topic is an old one. Social media has sprung food blogs, IG posts and deemed some of y'all's dishes as "struggle plates." As a woman, there will eventually be a time when you're questioned on your cooking abilities. As a black woman,  providing a five-star meal is expected of me. Black women...