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BriNicole24 Brianna Rhodes

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4 Easy Ways To Teach Kids About Financial Literacy

When it comes to finances, it’s never too late to teach your kids about the importance of money management and savings. It’s been known that children learn at a rapid pace in their early years, and financial literacy is one of the skills that should be taught to kids early on.Investing in your kids’ future isn’t just about making sure they receive a great...

7 Marketable Skills You've Acquired From Black Twitter Without Realizing It

Twitter has been around now for over a decade, and it’s provided over 500 million users the platform to collaborate, share ideas, laughs, and promote businesses.But the introduction of Black Twitter took the use of the social media platform to a whole other level. Black Twitter has arguably evolved to become one of the most successful outcomes of Twitter since it was founded, and...

5 Ways To Budget And Save Your Money While Unemployed

Many people experience periods in their life where they are laid off from their job and/or looking for employment. Statistics from this past October show that the unemployment rate is 4.1 percent according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although this rate is pretty low compared to what we’ve been used to over the past years, there are many people out there still...