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University Will Not Punish Basic Sorority Girls For Singing N-Word In Viral Video

After a University of New Hampshire sorority posted a video of themselves singing the n-word and going viral for it, the school announced that there will be no punishment for the women.According to TMZ, a university spokesperson said that UNH had opened a probe into the incident where an undisclosed number of Alpha Phi members singing “Now I ain’t saying she’s a...

If You Love A Man With A Beard, You Have To Check Out The Viral "Beard Game Matters" Group

So often, women have no problem sharing their favorite beauty products with each other. There is an infinite number of spaces women can find that promote their care needs. However, what those spaces often don't include is care products for your beard. That's why Mike McMillan said he started the group Beard Game Matters to have a collective space to collaborate...