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Arkee E.

Arkee E.'s posts

What Growth Is To A Young Black Writer Like Me

God — if one exists — bestowed upon the world a most precious gift. This gift, unlike God’s others, is rare and extraordinary — so rare that even the angels don’t have it. But there is no gift without a price; similarly, there is no blessing without a curse. This gift is growth — growth in all things.If what the Holy Bible says is true, The Tree of...

How My First Job Helped Me Discover Myself And Love My Blackness

My dark skin made me feel as though I was invisible, but with an incandescent spotlight constantly beaming down on me. Paradoxically, I, so desperately, wanted to escape from that spotlight; however, I longed to finally be actualized by my peers. In retrospect, I think I just wanted my counterparts to notice me for something other than my dark skin.After graduating from high school, I...