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@kywally Kyle Walcott

The people call him Wally. He's a huge fan of The Walking Dead and can't go a day without listening to music. In his 9-5, he's a fundraiser for a private school in Atlanta. In his 5-9, he's writing your next best read. Follow him, @kywally on instagram and twitter.

@kywally's posts

Why Sterling K. Brown’s Role As Randall Matters For Black Men

This year, actor Sterling K. Brown became the first African-American male actor ever to win a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Drama for his role of Randall Pearson in NBC’s tear-jerking reality check of a drama, This Is Us.“Dan Fogleman, you wrote a role for a black man. That could only be played by a black man,” Brown said at the 75th Golden Globe...

How The Global Startup Ecosystem Is Creating Tech Talk With The Ghana Tech Summit

In a world where the digital age is the new normal, many nations worldwide are struggling to catch up to competing countries leading in all aspects of technology. To fill the void, the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE), founded by Ghanaian-British entrepreneur Einstein Ntim, has stepped in to deliver a viable solution to underrepresented countries.By hosting annual summits in developing...

How Airbnb, National Geographic And Jedidah Isler Joined For "Night At The Solar Eclipse" Contest

On Monday, August 21st, millions of people across America gathered together in excitement as we awaited the arrival of the total solar eclipse. In the weeks and days leading up to the eventful day, news outlets and astronomers built quite a buzz about the rare occurrence, specifically because the last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire United States was 99 years...