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Apple Has The Largest Percentage Of Black Employees Of Any Major Tech Company, But Where Is Its Diversity In Leadership?

The tech giant recently released its first diversity report under new vice president of diversity and inclusion.

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Apple recently released its first diversity and inclusion report since naming Denise Young Smith as its new vice president of diversity and inclusion in May.

According to the report, Apple is 32 percent female worldwide, and 54 percent white in the U.S. (down two percentage points from last year) as of July 2017.

The report also shows that in the U.S. alone, the company is 13 percent Latinx (up one percentage point from last year), 9 percent black (no change), 21 percent Asian (up two percentage points), 3 percent multiracial (up one percentage point) and one percent other (no change).

Apple also reports that from July 2016 to July 2017, half of its new hires in the U.S. were from historically underrepresented groups in tech including such as women, African Americans, Latinxs, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders.

In fact, Apple's new hires reflect diversity far more than its current total employee pool does, with 11 percent of the company's new hires being black compared to its current 9 percent black employee population.

While Apple's diversity and inclusion report shows some very real progress, it's important to note that, while Apple has a larger black and Hispanic employee population compared other tech giants, some of those employees are employees in lower-paying retail positions.

Apple's employee retail base is 18 percent Latinx, 13 percent black, 7 percent Asian and 57 percent white.

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

At the highest levels, Apple is still predominately run by white men.

71 percent of Apple leadership worldwide is male, and 66 percent of Apple's U.S. leadership is white.

TechCrunch reports that diversity continues to be a touchy subject at Apple.

Major shareholder Tony Maldonado has called on Apple several times to implement an “accelerated recruitment policy” in an effort to increase diversity at the leadership and board of directors levels. However, Apple's board of directors has shot down this request several times in the past, stating that the policy is not necessary or appropriate.

Apple has presented its recent report on an updated diversity and inclusion site which features employee stories and a video about the importance of diversity.

Above the video is the quote: "Humanity is plural, not singular. The best way the world works is everybody in. Nobody out."

See the video and read the full report on Apple's diversity website.

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