We are changing the narrative of black
millennials in mainstream media.

Blavity is a venture-backed technology and media company aimed at building beautiful products and experiences for black millennials. Founded in July 2014, has quickly grown to become one of the fastest growing digital media outlets on the web, reaching more than 7M millennials a month.

Blavity Founders: Aaron Samuels, Morgan Debaun, Jonathan Jackson, and Jeff Nelson
Blavity Founders: Aaron Samuels, Morgan DeBaun, Jonathan Jackson, and Jeff Nelson

Combining user generated editorial content, original video, and a custom designed backend, we’re disrupting traditional models of media and putting the power back in the hands of black millennials to own their story and share their perspective. We believe everyone should have a seat at the table, and the conversation should never stop.


Our vision is to economically and creatively support Black millennials across the African diaspora, so they can pursue the work they love, and change the world in the process.

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